Psoriasis Flare Up

Psoriasis Flare Up – 4 Common Triggers

Psoriasis Flare Up - 4 Common Triggers

Psoriasis Flare Up

Psoriasis is an immune system malfunction that causes a wide variety of symptoms, most notably red itchy and scaly patches on the skin. When you have been diagnosed with psoriasis, knowing the 4 most common psoriasis triggers will help you to avoid a psoriasis flare up. Some skin creams are made for this problem.

These triggers include:

• Stress. This is the most common trigger. Finding new ways to relax, such as meditation, exercising or other forms of relaxation will help you to reduce the amount of stress you feel, which will lower your chance of a flare-up.
• Medications. There are certain medications such as lithium or quinidine that can trigger psoriasis. If you have psoriasis, discuss other treatment or medication options to these medications.
• Infections. Infections trigger an immune system response. Since psoriasis is caused from a malfunctioning immune system, when it is triggered a flare-up is almost certain to follow. If this happens, contact your doctor for appropriate treatment ideas.
• Injuries. For the same reason that infections trigger a flare-up, injuries will also.

When you have psoriasis, understanding the 4 most common psoriasis triggers will help you to lessen the chances of you having a flare-up.

Skin flare ups happen to many people. Sometimes these flare ups are serious but many times it is just a common rash from being exposed to some type of plant, food or chemical around your house. 

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