Heart Healthy Tips

Best Health Tips For Your Heart

Heart Healthy Tips

Heart Healthy Tips

One of the most important organs of the body is definitely the heart. It works round the clock and fuels your body even when you are resting other parts of your body. This article discusses the best tips and guidelines to keeping your heart healthy and away from known heart related problems. Do not wait until your doctor mentions something like…well, “you need a heart surgery!” Most heart related problems have silent symptoms and take people by surprise. Below are 10 best healthy tips to begin your journey towards a healthier and energetic heart.

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1. Quit smoking – The most effective of all heart healthy tips!
This is one of the only things that a person can do to add some more years to his/her life. Chances of developing a heart attack are twice as higher in smokers than non-smokers. However, when one stops smoking the risk of developing heart related diseases reduces drastically. With more regulations like public smoking being introduced, there has never been the right time to give up.

2. Avoid high amounts of salt
A high salt intake causes high blood pressure and increases the chances of developing heart problems such as the coronary heart disease. This is actually one of the top best health tips ever. Avoid foods such as salted nuts, sauces, salted nuts, packet and canned soups, canned vegetables, baked beans, pizzas, ready meals and pork pies. Some breakfast breads and cereals appear healthy but instead have high salt levels. So, keep an eye on this, too.

3. Watch your diet
Healthy diets significantly reduce the chances of developing heart related problems. Similarly, they improve survival chances after heart attacks. A good balanced diet contains plenty of vegetables, oily fish, fresh fruits and starchy foods, like rice, pasta and wholegrain bread. Avoid foods like cakes, pastries, biscuits and dairy products that are rich in sugar and saturated fats.

4. Monitor and control your alcohol intakes.
Other best health tips writers have insisted on doing away with alcohol. Yes, this is very important because high amounts of alcohol damage your heart’s muscles, lead to weight gain and increase blood pressure. Excessive drinking results in higher chances of developing a heart attack. Therefore, try to limit alcohol intakes to one or two units per day.

Exercise For Heart Health5. Get active.
Your heart is made up of muscle which just like any other needs exercise. Therefore, dedicate to 30 minutes of exercise every day. It may sound daunting at first but do not give up yet. Physical exercise prevents you from heart related problems.

6. Control your weight.
Excessive weight has a direct relationship with life-threatening health conditions like diabetes and coronary heart disease. In case you are obese or overweight, begin with taking small but healthy strides to what you eat whilst still remaining active.

7. Check your cholesterol and high blood pressure levels.
A higher blood pressure level means a shorter life expectancy. People with this condition have increased chances of encountering a stroke or a heart attack. Lower your cholesterol levels by exercising as well as eating foods with high fibre content such as pulses, lentils, porridge, vegetables and fruits. These best health tips should assist you take control and manage these levels.

8. Manage and control stress levels.
If you are currently experiencing high stress levels, it can be difficult to eat properly. Others see this as an opportunity to eat and drink too much without realizing the effects such as an increased risk of a heart attack.

9. Check on your family history.
If your close relative developed coronary heart disease from high blood pressure, smoking, lack of exercise, high cholesterol diabetes and obesity, then there are increased chances of experiencing the same.

Eat Healthy For Heart Health

Eat Healthy For Heart Health

10. Watch out for any early signs of heart related problems.
Exerting oneself causes discomfort and tightness in the neck, chest, stomach or arm region. Though this may disappear after some rest, it is completely unusual. This could be the earliest sign of angina which is responsible for heart attacks when left untreated.

Heart Healthy Tips Conclusion

These are some of the best heart healthy tips to help you enhance the health of your heart. So start acting now and change your life!